Protests don’t work like they used to

Protests have their usefulness, but protests alone aren’t going to cause the changes that we think they will. A better strategy is needed.

These are different times from a society that once had social economic and political norms that could be threatened by mass protests. Circumstances have changed and the power brokers have created fortresses for them to work from. They’re effectively deaf to our voices.

Not just here in the U.S. Look around the world. All these places where people are staging mass protests much of nothing is changing. In fact, many of the governments in these places have responded by cracking down on the dissenters. Myranmar anyone? Belarus?

The reason why protests no longer work is because the people and institutions that we rail against don’t fear for their power, their prominence or their lives. That needs to change and protests in the streets won’t do it. A better strategy is needed.

Another reason protests don’t work anymore is because people are not following up with more tangible actions after they’ve voiced their feelings. Those in power and those who manipulate society have recognized this habit and exploited it. They’re wizards of distraction.

Back in 2016, 2017 and even 2020 I said that protests were a waste of time. Naturally, people caught up in the current level of emotion ignored me saying that “people were fed up.” I’ve spent many years on this planet watching all these fed-up people do nothing except continue to feed, support and work for the very systems that they’re opposed to. Don’t get me wrong. I do understand the emotions. It’s extremely difficult to hold the rage in and it’s human nature to want to display it. Yet there’s wisdom in channeling that anger into tangible actions.

Getting enough people involved is of extreme importance. Yet involvement requires sacrifice. To get things done (I’m speaking to us folks on the left) we need unity. The kind that’s not just with those of our particular brand. If they’re against what we’re against then we need to drop our typical all or none demands and recognize we need each other. If you don’t think we do, you are part of the problem.

We must have a unified force against these efforts to break our society into what only serves and benefits a few. Fools think otherwise.

Back in the streets we need a different strategy. One that isn’t about knee jerk reactions and first idea solutions. We must understand that as much as we need the pain to stop, simple, quick solutions won’t work. To get to solutions that will work we need much thought and discussion amongst many different points of view. One way or idea typically can’t get it done.

So, we need communication. To get that communication we need earnest networking in order to form a unified front. This requires respect for others that we distrust and/or don’t like. Don’t forget during WWII both Russia and the USA fought to defeat a common foe. We don’t have to be best friends. Just united.

Without this unified coalition truly effective solutions cannot be had. This thing is too big and complicated.

Complicated. That’s a key word. Pain isn’t complicated, but stopping it involves complicated procedures. Anything short and quick isn’t built to last and won’t.

There are institutions and people of key influence that have a strong grip on society.  We must break their grip and break them down. That starts with having a very large, unified force operating via smart, well planned and well executed actions.  

I said it before and it’s still true. We need unity and communication to get to strategies that create effective solutions to turn the fight in our favor.

“Unity + communication via networking = strategies that create effective actions to cause the required changes.”   

Protest rallies have their usefulness. They’re a great resource for networking and encouragement, to name a few of the benefits, but they’re not going to cause anything significant to change. That gets done on a different level in a different landscape in different ways.

Before you go charging out to the streets, please think it through first. Our world has changed a lot. We need to change with it.